13 Useful Tips You Should Know Before Diablo 4 Releases

Source: MMOBUY


1. Ancestral and Sacred items in Diablo?

Items in Diablo 4 have an item level (ilvl). When an item reaches certain ilvl thresholds, it will be considered "Sacred" or "Ancestral," with the latter being the highest tier and having higher stats.

2. What are Ancestral items?

Currently it appears that only Ancestral items are considered viable in the late game. Normal Legendaries and Sacred Items can still be kept for leveling new characters.


3. Why is that the case? What is the purpose?

If you extract aspects from normal Legendaries, you cannot apply them to rare items at the "Ancestral" level. This prevents players from obtaining their best-in-slot (BIS) aspects early in the game.


4. Will Set Items appear in Diablo 4?

According to Diablo 4's Game Director Joe Shely, set items will be added in a future update to Diablo 4.Set items restrict customization as they require specific mandatory items for essential effects.Player prefer to create his own builds, but we'll see how they turn out if they are implemented.


5. What do "unique" items mean?

Unique items come with special Aspects and Stats. Here's what you should know.

Special Aspects:

- They cannot be extracted.

Special Stats:

- They allow certain gear pieces to break the usual rules.

- For example, unique gloves may have stats that other gloves cannot roll.

- Unique items always have the same stats, but the stat range may vary (e.g., 5 STR vs. 8 STR).


6. How about Aspects and Gear Slots?

Aspects are divided into five main categories: Offensive, Defensive, Utility, Mobility, and Resource.

Different item slots (e.g., Chest, Gloves, Rings) can only use aspects from their designated role. This decision is made by the developers and cannot be changed by players.

For example, the Amulet is unique because it can accommodate aspects from all five categories. Additionally, imprinted aspects on an Amulet receive a 50% buff.

Weapons, on the other hand, can only hold Offensive aspects. They are optimized for damage and do not offer defensive aspects.


7. Do stats (HP, DMG, Resistances)have their own types?

If your item can use certain aspect types (e.g., Resource), it indicates that the item will always have some resource-related stats in its possible rolls. This knowledge can be useful when aiming for the best-in-slot (BIS) items. For example, a Bone Necro's damage scales based on their maximum Essence.


8. Do Two-Handed weapons and Amulets get better Aspect bonuses?

Yes, they do. Only Amulets and Two-Handed weapons have these bonuses. Two-Handed weapons get the bonus to compensate for having one less item slot and, therefore, one less aspect. Amulets are unique and powerful in their own way.


9. How many stats can Diablo 4 items have?

Items can have up to four Affixes and one imprinted Aspect. The number of Prefixes is determined by the item's base and cannot be changed.
Items can also roll other common stats such as Flat HP, Resistances, and Basic stats. Amulets, with their five categories, can even roll stats typically unique to Boots, like % Movement Speed.


10. What should I know about Gem Sockets?

You can add up to two gem slots to each of your items at the Jeweler NPC. So, don't worry if an item doesn't drop with two gems; you can still add gem slots later.


11. How to change Affixes on Diablo 4 items?

You can change one Affix on an item at the Occultist. However, once you've changed one Affix, the remaining stats on the item are permanently fixed and cannot be changed.


12. How to upgrade items in Diablo 4?

You can upgrade items up to four times by paying gold, similar to changing stats at the Occult

ist. This increases the item level and all its powers except for the Aspect.


13. How can I get further details of Diablo 4 items?
You can browse on the WOWHEAD and Diablo4 database to build your own classes. They have complete data and a useful skill tree map by which you can work on your own.
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