Best Diablo 4 Gold Farming Guide

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This guide provides information about Gold, which is a currency in Diablo IV. It includes details on methods to earn and farm Gold, tracking your Gold balance, and the various uses of Gold in Diablo IV.

Acquiring gold in Diablo IV is straightforward and can be obtained easily by participating in various in-game activities. There are multiple ways to earn gold, and as you engage with the game world, you'll frequently come across opportunities to collect it. These include killing monsters, completing dungeons, participating in events, finishing side quests, exploring cellars, opening boxes, searching corpses and scenery, defeating treasure goblins, and more. Additionally, while engaging in these activities, you'll also obtain extra gear that can be sold to vendors for a decent price. However, it's important to note that some gear pieces can be salvaged for crafting materials, so finding a balance between your need for gold and materials is crucial, considering that gold is generally easier to acquire than materials.



In Diablo IV, the amount of gold you earn or pick up is added to a passive counter and doesn't occupy any inventory space. As you spend gold, the total amount is subtracted from the counter. To check your gold total, you can open your inventory, and the currency counters will be displayed at the bottom. Gold is denoted with the icon.

Since gold is the most common currency in Diablo IV, there are numerous ways and places where you can spend it. However, it's advisable not to spend gold frivolously, especially if you aim to progress into more challenging content. One of the primary uses of gold is to pay the blacksmith for gear repairs. Additionally, all town vendors, except for the Purveyor of Curiosities, accept gold in exchange for goods and services. Here are some examples of services offered by various vendors:

1. The Blacksmith:
   - Repairing your gear
   - Upgrading your weapons and armor
   Blacksmiths are located in almost every major town in Diablo IV.

2. The Alchemist:
   - Upgrading your healing potion
   - Brewing elixirs with your crafting materials
   - Refining resources by exchanging crafting materials for different ones
   - Crafting incenses
   Alchemists can be found in nearly every major town.

3. The Jeweler:
   - Crafting gems
   - Adding sockets to gear
   - Upgrading jewelry
   Jewelers are present in almost every major town.

4. The Occultist:
   - Extracting and imprinting legendary aspects
   - Crafting nightmare sigils
   - Enchanting rare and legendary items
   Occultists are located in nearly every major town.

While there may be other vendors willing to take your gold, these are the ones you will most likely interact with and spend your gold on. 


If you find yourself in need of more gold, there is a relatively reliable method to farm it. Two specific dungeons, Anica's Claim, and Deadman's Dredge, require you to collect animus from animus carriers to fill a bar. These animus carriers are elite monsters that tend to drop more loot than regular monsters. Here is a simple method to farm gold using this approach:

1. Empty your equipment inventory.
2. Enter Anica's Claim in Malnok or Dead Man's Dredge in Gale Valley.
3. Defeat all of the animus carriers.
4. Make sure to pick up all the loot they drop.
5. Return to town.
6. Sell everything you don't want to keep, including legendaries unless you plan to extract the aspect.
7. Reset the dungeon.
8. Repeat the process.
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By following this method, you could efficiently accumulate a significant amount of gold. For the specific locations of Anica's Claim and Dead Man's Dredge, refer to the Fractured Peaks Zone Guide.