Diablo 2 Remake Early Rune language recommendation

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Diablo 2 Remake Early Rune Language Tape What? The language of Runes in Diablo 2 is one of the most complex and representative systems in the game, and many players are new to the language of Runes system and find it difficult to understand, but there are some early runes that are easy to obtain and useful. Here are some early runes of Diablo 2 remake recommended by MMOBUY.

Diablo 2 Remake Early Rune language recommendation

Normal difficulty

Ordinary Countess can produce the following runes #8, Act 5 second mission Rescue Barbarians send #7, #8, #9, ordinary must be extremely easy to make RW:

Stealthy: #7+#5, 2-hole body armor, early cost-effective armor RW.

Leaf: #3+#8, 2-hole two-handed wand, fire is universal RW, fire, fire, fire trap assassin are all good.

Contract of ancient people: #8+#9+#7, 3-hole shield, except for the sages, as long as equipped with shield classes can be used, early good defense against the shield.

Steel: #3+# 1,2 hole melee weapon, recommended to attack fast machete. Good RW early in Melee.

Nightmare difficulty

Nightmare Countess can make up to #18, normal cow farm to early nightmare easy to make good RW:

Spirit: #7+#10+#9+# 11,4 Sword or shield, can only be used as sword in the early stages (swordsman can be used as both sword and shield), can be used in all systems, and can even be used for a long time.

Only the Paladin can use the Paladin's exclusive shield as a spirit shield before the Inferno difficulty.

The Perfect Spirit Shield of 35FCR is the Graduation shield for most clans, the Holy Shield for the Holy Riders, and the Ruler Shield for the rest.

Rhythm: #13+# 5,2 hole shield, 25 full resistance, cannot freeze, 25MF, the law system before the spirit shield is a good choice and can be used in any shield class, especially mark horse, MF witch, resistance is lower than the ancient contract, but overall personal evaluation of them.

Also, as long as 2 holes mean you can put it in a Necrarities shield, find a Grey Necrarities Shield with a good skill (e.g. +3 Skeleton +3 Skeleton mastery), even better.

Insight: #8+#3+#7+#12, 4-hole pollock weapon, excellent weapon for mercenaries in Act 2, super return blue, save the trouble of carrying a lot of blue medicine.

Knowledge: #9+#12, 2-hole helmet can be used in the French system, because fire resistance is important in some parts of nightmares and hell, you can choose to use #8+#8 fire resistance head when clearing the customs.

Witches and the like also in order to pile MF, may choose 2x perfect topaz MF first class etc.


Strength: #11+#3, 2-hole Melee weapon, 7% vampire +25%CB, 2-hole melee is easy to do, if legacy has a good 2-hole expansion or elite weapon and extra #11, it can be done in Melee Blastoff.


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