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The name of PoE 3.20 is The Forbidden Sanctum, and the release date is December 9, 2022. You can play The Forbidden Sanctum expansion pack on Xbox and PlayStation for free on PC and Mac on December 9 (PST) and on PC and Mac on December 14 (PST).

Path of Exile's next expansion, due out in December 2022, will add a challenge league. While the developers are still showing off the 3.20 update, the name of the December expansion and a brief overview of the boss fights are already available.


Every three months, players can look forward to major changes, bringing new challenge leagues to the gaming experience. This is the longest-running Kalandra Lake, running the league with today's patch 3.19.0. So, the players' hopes for the next league came true. For example, the developers have had to listen to a lot of criticism lately. The big live stream of the next expansion pack won't happen until December 1, 2022, but can you watch the trailer with the boss fight and the title of the next update now?

POE 3.20: The Forbidden Sanctum


Path of Exile: The new 3.20.0 update is called Forbidden Sanctum.
In the first gameplay video for 3.20 sag, we see a POE hero enter a sacred room filled with candles and encounter a giant blower, a powerful gargoyle-like boss. The most striking aspect of the creature is its candle-covered back. This makes the behemoth look like a goblin, like a goblin with a Bloodborne or Demon's Souls aesthetic, but without the essence of that creature!


PoE 3.20 New contents

Balance Manifesto:
Curses Jewels and Ailment Monster Mods and Archnemesis Eldritch Altars

List Anathema
Changes: Heretic’s Veil

Hex Master keystone


The Forbidden Sanctum New Mode: Ruthless


In general, Hexes will be stronger against tough monsters and weaker against lesser monsters. We’ve removed Doom in order to simplify how Hexes work, introduced penalties to automated Hex application methods to keep them from outclassing self-casting, and made several other balance changes as a consequence of these overall changes.


Hidden monster penalties against curses have been removed.
Hexes are now stronger against unique monsters and at least twice as strong against pinnacle bosses, but are weaker against regular monsters.
The Doom mechanic has been removed, to simplify the Hex system. Anything related to Doom has been reworked so that it’s comparable to before.
The Occultist ascendancy class has had some stats removed and moved around to counteract some of the power gains from the above changes.
Enfeeble and Temporal Chains have been buffed.
To aid the above changes, some less-accessible sources of the Curse Effect have been removed. This also acts as a nerf to Hex Support builds.
Hex gems have been rebalanced with the goal of ensuring that self-cast remains relevant compared to automatic curse applications.
We’ve buffed a bunch of Hex-related unique items and reworked unique items that previously interacted with Doom.
We’ve also added some powerful new unique items that interact with Hexes.
Tips: Сurses are a type of temporary debuff. Curses are split into two categories: Hexes and Marks. Hexes are spells which apply the curse in an area of effect. Marks are spells which apply the curse to a single target.


Eldritch Altars
In the Forbidden Sanctum expansion, we're making a number of changes to Eldritch Altars, specifically to their rewards, the monster packs they spawn and the incentives for rushing to map bosses before completing the rest of the map. In addition, we are adding a chance for Maven-witnessed Map Bosses to drop an Awakened Gem (inclusive of the Awakened Gems that are typically exclusive to Maven herself). The overarching aim of these changes is to try to reach a point where the choice between running Maven-witnessed Maps or Eldritch Influence Maps is closer in value while still retaining the gameplay feeling you've come to expect from Eldritch Altars.


Altars no longer offer some reward types like gems, influenced items, unique items or maps.
The "Basic Currency" reward has been split up into specific currency rewards. For example, they now have "Map Boss Drops Three Vaal Orbs" instead of "Map Boss Drops Three Basic Currency Items".
Altars no longer offer some basic rewards like Orbs of Augmentation, Orbs of Transmutation, Blacksmith's Whetstones, Armourer Scraps etc.
Currency drop weights are still adhered to for these rewards so with the removal of basic rewards, you'll see good currency a lot more often.
Scarabs and Divination Cards have also been split into specific rewards. For example, rather than simply "Divination Cards", you'll now see things like "Divination Cards which reward Unique Jewellery".
These specific rewards will be split so that they're exclusive to one Altar type, to allow target farming of these rewards.
Scarabs are offered a lot less from Altars, but we don't want them to be too scarce as a whole. To help balance this out, we're adding Rusted Scarabs to the core drop pool.
We're also adding a vendor recipe that can be used to upgrade Scarabs between tiers using the usual 3:1 ratio (up to Gilded Scarabs). We are also adding an 'Upgrade' button in the Fragment Stash Tab that can upgrade your Scarabs, like the one in the Essence tab.
The amount of Influence Packs spawned by Altars has been reduced by 33% but the chance of Influence Altars spawning has been increased by 50% to offset this.
We are making changes so that Altar choices that affect Boss Drops or Influenced Monster Drops are comparably valuable.
We've redesigned the Wrath of the Cosmos keystone.
We've changed the Wrath of the Cosmos and Eldritch Gaze keystones to only apply to maps affected by their respective influence.
Not directly related to Altars, but related to the choice of what type of influence you run on your maps, we are adding a chance for Maven-witnessed Map Bosses to drop an Awakened Gem, inclusive of the Awakened Gems that are typically exclusive to Maven herself.
Monster Mods and Archnemesis
In our upcoming 3.20 expansion, Archnemesis will be replaced with a system that is more similar to the way monster mods worked in the past.


The issues that players often had with Archnemesis were:


The keyworded mod names were not fully descriptive of what they did.
The mods often had multiple effects bundled which made them harder to understand.
Due to how many effects were included in a single mod, it made too many encounters too complex.
The way Archnemesis rewards were set up meant that many players felt like they couldn't just kill a monster, they had to consider if they wanted to bring a magic find character in to maximize rewards.


The goals of the new system are:
Mods do one specific thing.
Mods say what they do rather than having a thematic name you must learn and remember.
Encounters are simplified on average while retaining interesting fights.
Players are no longer required to do annoying actions to maximize rewards.
The original motivation for developing Archnemesis was that the previous monster mod system was very out of date. Many of the mods didn't have any appreciable effect under modern balance and there wasn't a lot of interesting gameplay possible. In our opinion, Archnemesis did succeed at adding a lot of interesting new mechanics to rares, but introduced the problems described above. While creating the new monster mods described in this article, we were careful to retain most of the interesting mechanics that Archnemesis introduced, but in a way that doesn't include a grab-bag of other effects and is diluted by many other simpler mods.

The result is a system that is very similar to what monster mods used to be like, but with much more up-to-date content and balance. Mods are simpler and say exactly what they do. While you can certainly still rarely encounter scary combinations of mods that really wake you up, it's a lot rarer than it was under the Archnemesis system. We feel that the new system is more modern and interesting than the old monster mod/nemesis system and is clearer and easier to understand in the heat of combat than Archnemesis was.


Jewels and Ailment Changes
Jewels and Ailment Changes Balance Manifesto. Jewels should be more exciting than before and provide a better source of ailment mitigation than they were in 3.19. Jewels with effects that are useful only to a subset of players should still be attainable while moving them out of the way of players who aren't interested in them.


Jewels should be a more reliable and less expensive source of ailment mitigation through their higher mod values and better variety of mods.
Finding a unique Jewel is an exciting experience. The unique Jewels that drop naturally should be those that are very valuable with broad appeal to the average player, either to use in your own build or trade to someone else. GGG has worked towards this goal by removing uninteresting unique Jewels, adding more chase unique Jewels, and moving Jewels that do appeal to a smaller subset of players to other places so that they can be pursued by choice.
Players should no longer be burdened with predictable unique Jewel quest rewards but will not entirely miss out on some of the valuable aspects they did have.
Balance Manifestos
GGG will post the Curse manifesto next, which expects to be out at the end of this week at the earliest. GGG also indicated that it would post a fifth manifesto that covered some miscellaneous balance changes. After writing the first four manifestos and reviewing what else remains to be covered, GGG feels that there isn't very much to put in this manifesto because most of the remaining changes are better suited to the patch notes. Therefore, GGG has made the decision to drop that manifesto.


Lake of Kalandra will not become a part of the core game
For now, the Lake will not become a part of the core game. When the league ends, all your existing Mirrored Tablets will be deleted, so if you have some stocked, now is a good time to use them.


While GGG may bring the Lake of Kalandra mechanic back in some form in the future, GGG doesn't have any plans can announce at the moment.


New Mode: Ruthless
Ruthless, codenamed "Hard Mode", is a new additional optional game mode for Path of Exile.

Ruthless is an additional character creation flag alongside Hardcore and Solo Self-Found that allows you to opt-in to extreme item scarcity and various other changes. In early November, GGG is planning to announce full information about what Ruthless involves and will kick off its Alpha testing phase. It will release the mode to all players alongside the 3.20 expansion. For clarity, this mode is entirely supplementary to the 3.20 expansion and doesn't affect the scope of the new league.

As the name implies, Ruthless is quite a different experience from regular Path of Exile and is designed for a specific type of player. GGG doesn't expect it to appeal to everyone, but if you're interested, you'll be able to sign up for the Alpha test in November and may be invited to one of the waves of players that GGG seeks feedback from prior to its official launch. Note that the Ruthless Alpha test will be the current version of 3.19, not the upcoming 3.20 which has its own alpha test on the regular alpha server. Please don't directly request access to either alpha test, as GGG can't add people that way.


In a previous post, GGG was discussing issues related to magic find/culling feeling mandatory as well as cases where it feels bad to get a lot of quality currency or flasks from killing a monster with specific Archnemesis modifiers. In both of these cases, the discussions are ongoing. However, in order to provide a bit more certainty, GGG can say that it doesn't have easy solutions for these issues mid-league and will be looking at what's possible for PoE 3.20. is the most trusted partner for POE players to purchase POE currency. You can buy POE currency and POE Items at MMOBUY. Having a good time!