What is the Best way to farm apothecary cards in Path of Exile 

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Path of Exile is well on its way to becoming the most exciting and complex action-RPG due to the sheer versatility of items, mechanics, and builds. In the later stages of the game, when the gameplay becomes much more complex and confusing as to how to fight bosses most effectively, get the best damage, or find certain items.


Apothecary cards are god cards that many players want to obtain and that's why we decided to look into the best way to farm them. Keep reading to find out.


Apothecary Cards
Before embarking on a journey called farming for apothecary cards, you should know that you need to get enough map area items. The areas that will have them are Crimson Temple, Crimson Township, Defiled Cathedral, and Haunted Mansion. So, as weird as it sounds, this basically means you have to farm cards before you can farm Apothecary cards.


Choose the right nodes on the Atlas tree
The first thing to do here is to have a solidly constructed Node Atlas tree. This means that you need to be careful about nodes that can potentially bring you more items. Now, because it won't always be clear which nodes can help this cause, we have a list for you.


Look for nodes that:

Mention the item quantity bonus
Mention the quantity of items and the rarity bonus
Add to harbinger
Provide Card Deposit Duplicate
Provide a better chance of abyss
Give higher violation monster density
Increase the amount of vault items and the fortune teller's vault chance
Also, be sure to pick up Wandering Path which will increase the effect of Small Atlass passive skills by 100%. Naturally, you won't be able to get all of these nodes at once, but you can see which ones are closest to your current node choices and dispose of them.


Get the right scarabs
Scarabs are map shards that can be used to augment the areas you visit and provide additional perks or bonuses once you're inside. We recommend getting the following scarabs for your Apothecary card farming:

Divination Scarab – adds a percentage increase to Divination cards dropped in the area
Abyss Scarab – adds an extra Abyss to an area and makes all Abyss spawn more monsters
Breach Scarab – allows an area to have breaches and adds additional breaches
Ambush Scarab – additional safes are added to the area
Harbinger Scarab – adds additional Harbingers to an area
Scarabs can be of different qualities: rusty, polished, golden and winged. The better the quality, the stronger the effect of the equipped Scarb and the better the chance of you finding Apothecary cards.


Get the right sextants
Sextants can help you in the same way as beetles. These are monetary items that can be used on the Watchstone and modify all maps in a region. Bonuses vary, but again, go for ones that add extra Abyss, spawn more monsters, increase item quantity, and give extra safes.


There are four types of sextants: simple, prime, awake, and high. Each is rarer than the previous one and adds additional bonuses to buffed regions.


As you can see, farming Apothecary Cards isn't a single thing you can do, but rather a multi-step journey through which you increase your chances of obtaining them. Patience and consistency will be key for this, so make sure you're armed with both. has been selling POE currency for a long time, and judging from the comments on the website, many players enter the website for transactions. Most of them are positive. Maybe these are more secure. You can Buy POE Currency at MMOBUY.