How to sell Sanctified Relics & Unique Relics in Path of Exile 3.20 Sanctum?

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We discussed how to sell Sanctified Relics and Unique Relics, allowing people to buy Sanctified Relics without running a billion Sanctums. Sanctum is an amazing league, but a lot of people don't want to play the league mechanic and want to have a good Sanctified Relic to boost power. In trade leagues, Path of Exile has always been a game about endgame choices. You can get gear by killing monsters, crafting, flipping items, and more.


How to Trade Sanctified Relics

  • Relics drop from bosses (including mini-bosses), guards, and can be bought from merchants, all at 75+.
    - Guaranteed 83+ final-final boss.
    - This means you can sell your relics from the final-final boss by having someone else fight alongside you in the final boss room.
    - You can also sell unique relics that drop if you don't want to do a hitless run.


How to go further?

- You can discard identified relics, allowing your potential customers to see the relic's value before purchasing.
- The first Crest converts coins into relics, allowing you to drop a bunch of identified sacred relics.
-You may need a very high DPS build to finish the last boss on 6-man HP.
- You can invite your friends to your sanctuary and use the cloak, because your friends may need different types of relics.


Get more POE currency
Increases the earning potential of the Temple for those who already have an endgame relic and have zero hope of making a no-hit run.
If selling relics catches on, someone with POE currency could theoretically spend 200 relics and 200 chances to get their dream relic.
This opens up different farming strategies for those needing sacred relics, reducing the need for alch and go.
It will be interesting to see prices for unidentified relics.


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